I always swore I would never make one of these posts, but alas... here I am.
I have a friend looking to start his first army, so I thought I would start my second so that our mutual efforts would help keep us focused on finishing. Anyway, my last army was the Tomb Kings, but now I'm looking to get into something new. I consider myself more of a painter than a gamer (I can waste hours painting every little tiny peice of even the lowliest of rank and file model), so I am looking for an army with good conversion and painting prospects. I also like the look of ranked infantry (I'm just tired of looking at skellies) in my army.

So,as of now I have it narrowed down to three armies. I have painted one unit of Ogres (which took me ages) and one unit of dwarfs (which was lots of fun), and have been thinking about starting these two for some time, but recently I have been leaning toward Dark Elves because the models give me lots of themed army ideas.

This shouldn't be so hard.

Anyway, can anybody make an argument to sway me one way or the other please? I can't stand this indescision much longer.