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    :0) is looking for metal/screamo

    Right. Lately I've been getting into some metal. I've taken a liking to the following:

    Zao, Demon Huner, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody, Bolt Thrower, Moonspell, and Black Sabbath.

    The only screamo bands I know of are Underoath, mewithoutyou, and Saetia, and Saetia suck hard donkey scrote.

    I'm leaning towards power and death metal, and I'm looking for bands with minimal swearing. I tolerate it, but I would rather avoid having to listen to it in my music. Same goes for lyrics that go past the AC/DC level or explicit-ness.

    Please, give me suggestions of some bands, Portent!
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