hello all. What do you think will happen in future editions of warhammer after 7th ed? We know that the army books are going to be re adjusted every now and then when they need it, we also know that the 7th edition rule book is similar to that of 6th with a few minor tweaks, this would suggest that warhammer may remain very similar to what it is now with only a few changes when people start to get bored or find loop holes in the system. Do you think this is the case that there will just be patch ups when its needed?

Personally i hope that maybe 8th edition we will see revisions, i feel that patching up problems will not result in any real solutions, it will only end up cutting the rules up probably breaking them even more or even removing alot of choice. I believe that warhammer needs reform, for one it keeps things fresh and while they are fresh people don't know how to break it, aswell as it being more fun, for another i feel if something isnt working and theres no good way of fixing it you need to start over new. I am actually quite saddened that there is so little change in 7th ed, it seems to me alot of the rules are very patch work and often miss the point entirely, there are quite a few issues that reamin un-addressed, quite important issues such as monsters, infantry, dispelling ect.

Anyway what is it that you think will happen?