Maybe it's just me and the store I hang out at, but we've been getting the feeling like GW is playing leapfrog with the codicies. When the new Space Marine codex came out, everyone said, "Wow Space Marines are really good." Some thought there was some broken stuff, but mostly it was just a powerful army list. Now that the new Tyranid codex has come out, however, there's been a lot of people refusing to play Tyranids, and after the battle I had last night, I think I'm going to join them.

The new Carnifex is stupid. It's just plain stupid. For 250 points you can get something that no tank can kill, but something that can kill just about any tank in one round of shooting, while moving. It will kill anything in close combat. It's good against everything. Yeah, there's a lot of armchair-general "oh well you do XYZ and it's easy", bull. It's stupid and broken, that's the only way to describe it. In 2000 points you can have two tooled-up Carnifexes, and two tooled-up Hive-Tyrants, and then an army after that. There is no possible way to kill 4 beasts like this unless you design a list specifically to do just that. What about the Tyranid player, though? Well You give one a venom cannon, one a barbed strangler, etc and you are good against any army you come up against. Orks with choppas...right, sure. You can find examples to counter this if you want to sit back and try, but the 'nid player just has to sit back and shoot pieplates into the Orks from the table edge. It's in Synapse range, it won't run.

So to the point, though...does it feel like GW keeps making one codex better than the next? The Brettonian fantasy list was like this too. This wouldn't be a huge problem except that they won't fix the list. It's not like a powerful Magic card that will just get banned or anything; this codex will be around for years, and this is only the second of the 4th edition codexes. Is this going to be the standard now? I can't wait for Black Templars. They're already a list that I think is unnecesasary and potentially overpowered, they'll probably leapfrog the Tyranids. Maybe it's just me, but I'm really thinking that, given the latest rash of stupid things GW has done, this may just be what they are going for.