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Thread: Are Marines the 40K SAD army now?

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    Are Marines the 40K SAD army now?

    Allow me to explain the title first;

    In fantasy, the Skaven army has access to a lot of considerably cheap missle weapons and wizards with magic missle spells. Therefore, you see a lot of armys using this to destroy the enemy with shooting. It's known as the "Shooty Army of Death", or SAD, and many players hate this type of army.

    Since the nasty upgrade to the Marine Assault Cannon(it has rending, can do 4 shots, and I think is also an assault weapon. It's one drawback is it's 'only' range 24 inches), I've noticed a unfortunate trend; many marine armys are taking a lot of assault cannons now, in some cases 9+ of them! This seems to make the Marine army the 40K equivalent of the Skaven SAD army as these assault cannon heavy armies can be very hard to beat. In my gaming group, one player has nine of these in his 2000pt army. The whole group is comprised of great players, yet the best any of us has done against this army is a draw. So it seems, to me, that this new type of marine army is very powerful. Perhaps even TOO powerful. He has 3 Speeders with heavy bolter, assault cannon. 6 dreads(3 venerable, 3 heavy, as I understand it) most of the dreads have assault cannon, miss launcher, and he also has a command squad of termies with 2 assault cannons. Then he has 6 troop choices, 4 tact squads with lascannons, 2 scout squads with miss launchers and sniper guns. A very powerful shooting army.

    So what do you all think? Have you been seeing a lot of this type of army out there? How have you done against it? Any tips on what to do to beat it? Do you think that the assault cannon heavy army is too powerful? Let us all know your opinion.
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