Since the gradual extintion of the arcade, I long for the furious combat between two opponents locked in a wager of death... or a couple of quarters.

So new generation of Gaming consols with online capabilities gave me a glimmer of hope. Finally i can stop playing with myself and start having fun with real opponents/team-mates.

But alas, my dreams came to a halt with the realization that my DSL connection sucks ass.

First I noticed it when I was playing Starwars Battlefront and the animation became choppy, and people started to lie down and die.

Halo 2 played just fine, but I got skooled too hard so I gave up. Damn, even in the "training" rooms I got my ass handed to me.

Last I tried Capcom vs. SNK... damn this game sucks online. or, more appropiately, sucks when I have to wait two minutes to throw a fireball. that is, after I've waited a half an hour for an opponent.(yes, I'm a SF junkie)

So to summerize my opinion... X-box live sucks ass when you got DSL/sucky connection!!!!