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    Tournament report: The Dutch GT (Long)

    Well I was there with my "Spanish" Empire army , those of you that went to the last Portent tournament might remember it.

    5th time for me and luckily there's still a very nice and relaxed atmosphere at the tournament.

    The bar, as allways was very welcome and the fact that lunch was included this year was an extra bonus. Food Good, Beer better.

    Saturday started of with me having to guide my mate through Rotterdam because in their wisdom, the powers that be had decided to close of the road past Rotterdam, and me with a non existing sense of direction .
    But we got there, in time even.

    My first opponent was one of the lowland Mercenaries (Arnold) with a Bret army. We played eachother a couple of times before, so at least I was guaranteed to have a fun game.
    I was not dissapointed and after 2 hours we called it quits at a draw.

    That's good, a lot of the time I win my first battle just to be slapped into place during the second, I really have nothing to look for in the upper tiers.

    Second Battle, against one of the Haarlem Fanatics (Ruben) with an, oh my God NO, 40K lizard army, skinks and sallies and flyers and 18 inch charging generals as far as the eye can see.

    Long story short, I did get slapped back into place, big time, but Ruben is a relaxed opponent so I'll get over it (eventually )

    Massacred, totally.

    3rd battle
    Ogre Kingdoms, against one of the Northern wasters (Rachel)

    I have them, I just haven't played against them yet so I was looking forward to this.
    I had a bit of a shock when my blaster blew up but I have to say that the rest of my army behaved itself perfectly, even the flagalants who functioned as a nice little speedbump for two turns.
    And when you suceed in your last turn to blow away the tyrant you can't complain.

    Last game and I get a solid victory hooraay.

    The recipy for the evening:
    To the hotel,check in, shower, go out for meal In a steaming hot restaurant, develop a blinding headache as a result and crash and burn by 10:15 resulting in the most healty Saturday night in years.
    Only one sip of Guinness before I started seeing double from the headache and went to bed .

    Day two
    I start of against Nico with a chaos horde army (slaanesh)
    And my boys couldn't have done better.
    His General singlehandedly destroyed a unit swordmen, I couldn't support the guys, but in the meantime his entire army got slaughtered, my first massacre.

    Then the quiz.
    20 questions, we have 5 minutes, question nr 1 immediately has a mistake in it which costs me 1, 5 minutes to get over, I'm looking a nr 7 when time is called.

    It's a rare and uplifting sight to see Kai, the head organiser crawling apologeticaly through the entire hall mumbling sorry about the quiz to 120 players.
    In the end they decide just to take the result of the first ten questions and double that.

    Next Dogs of War, oh no they' re not, it turns out my next opponent (Tim) actually has Wood Elves, oh dear I get that sinking feeling again.

    Let just say that you have to laugh if you fail 2 terror tests and all of your panic tests in a battle, my friendly opponent worriedly informes if I have this kind of luck often, well, yes actualy, we just laugh it of and I merrily get butchered to the last man.
    Massacred, again.

    Last game, against a High elf player (Paul) who has been stalking me during the entire tournament (or I him).
    You know how it goes, someone who persistently sits next or very near to you because you have the same amount of points.

    After 5 battles we've had enough and we ask Kai to make sure we play the last game against eachother, we have both witnessed a total lack of cursing in our battles and after five games next to eachother you get a bond. So it's got to be done.

    Sadly for him, my 5th round bad luck has jumped over and now he has it, 2 misfires with the blaster that result in a six, handgunners that aim with sniperlike precision and combat units that perform if they just had some extra training.
    After a one-sided, but thoroughly enjoyable battle I close the tournament with a crushing victory.

    Landing me on 60 points, add to that 30 points for painting, 25 for the rest and a whopping 8 for the quiz gives me 123 point and 38th place.
    Not bad for an army that isn't supposed to work according to those "in the Know" .

    After the ceremony , congrats to all the winners and thanks to the organisers, we shake hands, and I swear, we fly back to Delft, I've got precious drinking time to make up for.

    Next year Dwarfs, or maybe Nurgle Deamonic Legion or....


    for numerous spelling mistakes, I probably missed some.
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