Hello everyone!
Well, as you may know i've put my 'CONSECRO' - An Iron Souls' Dreadnought projecton hold for some time. The reason was that i took a commission to do a diorama of the Tactical Squad of the Third Company of the Iron Souls, my award winning DIY Chapter; this squad, as some will know, is the one featured in the Rusted comics that myself and Aerion the Faithful are producing for WarSeer.
Unfortunately, the client declined from buying the diorama in the middle of the converting process (DAMN! ); but, since i wanted to finish the squad, which was turning out to be one of my best projects, i went on.
The diorama required form a great converting skill and work, since all the Marines are real size, and the chestplates, detailing and specially the faces are customized to look exactly like the comic characters.
For the diorama itself, i wanted to represent the most gothic feel of 40K, so i decided to place the miniatures in the middle of ruined urban ground and refrain from any vegetation or grass (since that, i feel belong more in fantasy).
I've tested many new things with this project, specially the bionics, the highly detailed faces, the 're-sizing' and repositioning of the Marines, as well as the (**bloody**) chains on Consecro. I'm very pleased with the final product, and i'm still hoping to sell it, so, if anyone is interested, they can drop me a PM, since this is not the place to talk about prices and business.

So, without further adue...

The diorama