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Thread: BFG - some ideas for changes to the Space Marine Fleet

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    BFG - some ideas for changes to the Space Marine Fleet


    A while ago, my friends and I decided that the SM fleet could do with some changes. We thought that it didn't feel right and was quite boring to play with and against, because of lack of ship variety and because SM ship advantages were quite easy to counteract. I.e. with lances.

    We made some changes, and these are outlined in the attached document. The ships have no points values at the moment because we were using them in a narrative campaign.

    We found these ships a lot more fun to use, and also they seemed to be more in keeping with background. A fully equipped Battlebarge was just like background says, a really frightening opponent for an Emperor battleship in boarding actions. The SM ships worked best in coordinated actions at pointblank range. We thought that made sense and fitted well with background. They are still at a significant disadvantage in fleet actions due to short weapon ranges.

    I think there is still quite some work to be done, especially in assigning points values, but also to the speed of the cruisers. We thought they could be 5cm faster than the numbers in the document, though we weren't sure that the Dark Eldar would have a sufficient speed advantage if we did this.

    Tell me what you think.


    Incidentally, we also thought that ships using their turrets against torpedoes or attack craft should not add them to their boarding value in the same turn.
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