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    Wood Elf Army Book Review...

    Ok guys found this on the Waystone thought you might like a read...
    All rights a copyright privliges go to Tarian Stormcaller who originally wrote it.

    Original thread can be found here: Original Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by TarianStormcaller@Waystone
    Right, I have the army box now, so here is my review! I won't give out too much, since I don't want GW's lawyers on me and that its such a nice book, you should buy it anyway!

    Army Book


    The background isn't as drastically changed as was hinted - The elves arent all out savages in service to a demonic heart of the forest. Oirion and Ariel are still around, except Orion dies every winter and is reborn from a sacrifice in the spring (very Kaela Mensha Khaine from 40k). Ariel is awake all year round, but she rests in the Oak of Ages in winter and is only roused in emergencies.

    The Wild Hunt are basically the same as the Court of the Young King from Eldar, they select somneone to be the new Kurnous Incarnate and he gets a life of luxury until he's killed in a a year's time The Wild Riders have part of Kurnous' spirit in them, making them kinda like possessed.

    They confirm the Lady of the Lake is a Asrai sorceress, using her to keep the Brettonians in line and friendly.

    Morgoth is now the arch enemy of the forest, and all their time is spent hunting and killing him, only for him to be reincarnated.

    There was a civil war between a psycho treeman lord and the Asrai, which he lost. They've locked him up along with a load of nasty unfriendly spirits in the SE of the forest, and he keeps trying to break free and wipe out the elves.

    Other then that, the background is same as last edition.


    I will spell this out. The artwork in the book is the best I've ever seen - beats any other army book hands down. It perfectly captures the spirit of the army (no pun intended) and the painting is of very high standard.

    Army List

    I'm not going to go into details here for obvious reason, just give my opinions and dispell any false rumours.

    Overall, the list is very balanced and works well - the only obvious boo boo I can see is that great eagles are 1 per rare, with the competiiton for the rare slot, no one is ever going to use them. But you can still take them as mounts for your characters.

    The design of the army is to hit the enemy before they hit you, inflict vast amounts of damage, and either break them in the first turn using fear, or just keep killing so many that they cant hit back. If you want anchoring units and rank bonuses, this army is not for you. This army is about hitting the enemy units with devasting force - but if they hit you, then you are in for a world of hurt. Luckily, they remain the most maneuverable army in the game, and the list is designed with guerilla tactics in mind!

    The best thing about the list is how customisable it is. You can theme your army to the extreme - and still have a very viable army. You can turn your elf lords into lord versions of waywatchers, wardancers, wild riders, eternal guard, scouts, and a weird one called tha Alter kindred which is sort of a loner harrassing one. For the spirit minded, you can have treeman lords and dryad heroes - dryads being lvl 1 wizards. For more magical oomph, you can turn elven mages into forest spirits (but then have to take a mount from the list)

    There is little point in comparing the list from the earlier chronicles list - it is far too different. Most characters have got more expensive, the troops have got cheaper. Loads of stat changes or complete rewrites (like dryads)

    Magic item wise, wood elves get a huge array of extremely potent items - they are very specialised, so they'll either work well against your opponent or do bugger all. I must say that they seem to have access to some of the beardiest combinations of magic items and rules I've ever seen - you can make some quite disgusting characterss. But they are still elves and still fragile (but once the book is on general release, i might let people into the combination ive found to make a near invulnverable lord )

    Wood Elves can also take a selection of Spites which work exactly like magic items. These little spirits bestow some pretty powerful abilities to the character - you can only take one of each in an army and only one per character unless they are a forest spirit. They can do anything from giving extra attacks to casting spells to shooting..

    Mages get their own spell lore, which is similar to life and beasts magic, but adapted and changed for elven use. I don't think there are any duds in the list (hell, anything is better then marsh mistress!), but some do have a very strategic use - sutblety over raw power is the main idea of the army.

    Treeman can be taken as lords, rather like Shaggoth. They are also As. Hard. As. Nails.

    You can take a dryad hero called a Branchwraith, which is a magic using dryad (only lvl 1 though). Still, its more resilient then an elven mage, and better in combat. Great for people who want a combat army that still uses magic.

    Archers are yummy - cheaper and more effective then before (at least at short range). You can also upgrade them to scouts, but they lose certain special rules if you do so.

    Glade Riders at first glance got horribly nerfed, but on careful reading I see that this is due to the wood elven special rules. You'll see what I mean - they are better offensively, just a tad more fragile.

    Eternal Guard, well, I love these guys. They are cheap (for wood elves), and about the only holding unit in the army. They are core if you take a highborn. (Ooh, highborn eternal guard, i love themage!)

    Dryads have been rewritten - but they are awesome! They cost the same as eternal guard, and their role is damage dealing shock troops rather then defence. They are surprisingly resilient and can dish it out like nobodys business. The models are also fantastic - much better then the pictures!

    Wardancers. Well now. More expensive then before (but did get a stat upgrade) and have been switched from the ultimate holding unit to pure and utter silly amounts of damage. I wont list their dances, but basically only 1 of the original dances remains - 1 gives a different stat upgrade when you use it, the unbreakable one is gone (replaced by a different defensive dance, more in character I feel), and the rank removal is gone (replaced by a dance of dubious and speicalised use). There will be people wailing at the changes - but come on, the unbreakable dance WAS silly good

    Warhawks... Twice the cost, but twice as hard to kill. They are also VERY good shock/harrassment troops - they can hit and run. I like them very much now - before they used to be expensive more maneuverable glade riders - now they wittle down the enemy in combat (you'll want to use them against crap combat units, not ones that can do you a lot of damage back) and the enemy will not ever be able to run this unit down. Get em into combat, run out, repeat. Its good and annoying as hell to your opponent . Still, its a lot of points to invest.
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