Ok, I'm going to open this up with a little fact about game design. Letís say you design a board game and you want to see it published. You submit it to lets say Fantasy Flights (a great game company). The good people at FF look at your game and see it has a few hundred parts including cards, tokens, pieces, rule books, board sections, whatever. FF then tells you they are not interested, there are too many parts.

The reason for this is because when a company produces a game every part in the box increases the manufacturing costs almost expediential. The lesson is, if you are going to make a board game for market, ask yourself if every piece in your game is necessary.

So, with that out of the way, I'm under the impression that the reason GW pulled specialsts games is because they cost a lot to make, have little return, and take up tons of shelf space needed for the three core games.

My idea is that GW shouldn't make so much extra junk for the SGs. It's cool that there are tons of teams for blood bowl, gangs for necromunda, and tribes for gorkamorka. But, do we really need them? Why dosen't GW use the $45 US WHFB/40K/LOTR core box sets as a template for Specialist Games?

Imagine mordhiem being $45 US, comming with a mini rulebook, and two multi-part human sprues. And that's it. No tons of blisters, no tons of terrain box sets and supplement books. Just the one box. Low on cost, takes up no shelf space at your local GW, and will actually see a return. You want to play skaven or undead or orcs? Then they should just put conversion articles in the rulebook or WD.

Are we really sacrificing that much by dropping all the extra blisters and suplements form SG? Space Hulk, Necromunda, Mordhiem, GorkaMorka, and BloodBowl could all easily return as games in a box. A couple pieces of terrain, just enough minis to play, and a mini-book is all we really need. The rest can be done through WD and conversions. Conversions are half the fun of GW games.

The only games that wouldn't work are Epic and Warmaster, so I don' know what to do about those.