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Thread: Duty and Honor! An IG Project Log

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    Duty and Honor! An IG Project Log

    EDIT February 2012:
    Wow, almost 6 years since the start of this log and it's still going! Having read through this again, its interesting to see which projects I finished and those that I abandoned. But more importantly, I am reminded again of all the help I have received from fellow Warseers along the way. Vostroya advances!

    EDIT October 2009:
    Welcome to the beginning of what has become an ongoing, three year journey! Over the next few pages you'll see the start of my guard army, the first steps of a bigger project...far bigger than I thought! While this thread is well over 100 pages long, there is much to discover...everything from color schemes, to fluff, to artwork. If you want to see the last full army picture, go to page 123. Hopefully everything can fit in the shot!
    Definately leave comments, suggestions and the like... or, if you have questions about Vostroyans, feel free to PM me.
    Now back to the original post...

    Over the past three years, I have played many a game with one army. My all stormtrooper/inquisitor DH force accompanied me to three US GTs and quite a few RTTs. I've always received great remarks from my opponents while they beat me into the ground . Yes, the army is themed which tends to place me at a great disadvantage in terms of gaming. Afterall, isn't the whole purpose of building a DH force to get the Grey Knights? I must admit that my ratio of losing three games out of four is beginning to wear on me...but everytime I look at other armies, I go right back to my inquisitors, rhinos and stormtroopers. It takes some impressive models to pull me away. And earlier this year, I saw them:
    The Vostroyans.

    After seeing the rumors and previews of this new guard regiment right here on Warseer, I knew I had to have them. Antique looking guardsmen with fur hats and scary gasmasks? Count me in. I immediately picked up a platoon box set and started converting. Over time, I finally decided to start a new army and devote myself fully to vostroya's finest.

    So after a few more purchases and trades I currently have:
    2 platoon box sets
    1 vostroyan squad box
    2 officers
    3 snipers
    4 commisars
    and alot of Heavy Weapons

    My objective is to paint and convert a 2000 point army of Vostroyans. The basic troopers are just too nice to convert, but I like my armies to be different. So, maybe its just me, but I think the Vostroyans have a second edition feel to them. I plan on converting all the heavy weapons to be mounted on wheeled chassis a'la 2nd Ed. Guard. I also plan on putting the "Imperial" back in Imperial Guard by adding servo skulls, cherubim, tech priests, servitors, name it. Blending the dark, gothic motifs of 3rd and 4th edition with the wierdness and classic ideas of 2nd edition should give me the personalized look that I want.

    I hope that this project log will be of interest to all. I am running this log not so much for motivation, but for the great feedback and suggestions that everyone has.

    Now then, on with the show.

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