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Thread: Pirates or Croneworlders?

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    Pirates or Croneworlders?

    Okay, even though I tried to resist it, when the Eldar dex will hit the shelves near my command bunker, I will have to get some.

    Now, while I'm really exited about the amalgam of the old psionic-round-style and a more technological look in the new miniatures, I never was such a big fan of the craftworld fluff.

    I consider two possabileties at the moments: Eldar pirates and witchworld eldar. The second is a little bit far fetched when combined with normal eldar minis, I know.

    I wanted to know what the general consensus is: Do pirates also use aspects? Do they have autarchs? I don't care about farseers, warlocks, the avatar or wraithlords as I never had the intention of using these. The aspect warriors however are what got me interested in the eldar in the first place.

    So how about aspect pirates? Maybe with some Predator-like (the film, not the tank ) fluff (especially because of the new scorps )?

    what about mutated eldar representing eldar that fled from the witchworlds and now try to keep their souls from falling completly to chaos by adopting the craftworlds ways of war?

    They will get a dark and sinister looking paint anyway (no chaos stars though ), so please if you have other fluff ideas to expand my outcast eldar idea, share it with me.
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