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    Family Guy... in the 41st Millennium (Warning 56k's huge amount of pics!!!)

    Yep you heard it right,

    Just recently being a big fan of Family Guy I was deciding should I start a full blown FG comic titled :The Griffins in the 41st Milennium.

    Today on college I sat down and started writing a script which brought me all the way up to 7 pages of madness.

    Anyhow here's a quick sketch of the Family Guy characters. Still haven't got Meg right yet.

    Also I apologize for the crappy pic, don't have a scanner yet.

    If this is in the wrong part of the forum, please can a mod switch it?

    The comic is finished and here is the link to all 5 Chapters.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5

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