Well as long as Portent's running, I might as well ask for help for my pc problems.

Now that my old pc finaly gave up the spirit of living (cardiac arrest, just when I was installing new RAM, the poor thing), I bought a new one this morning. Having wrestelled through putting it together (including installing the new Hard Drive I bought for my old pc, may it rest in peace[s]), I'm now facing the end boss: the booting.

Currently when I start up he checks my Bios and Plug and Play Cards. Than:

"PNP initializing completed.

Detect Secondary Master.... [press F4 to skip]"

after that he doesn't do anything

Not knowing what to do, I put my Primary Master in Bios to User Type HDD, and my secondary master to none.

But I can't do anything about Slaves either (it freezes too).

Any suggestions? I connected my HD, DVD writer, CD writer and floppy disk.