Now, whilst I don't want this turning into a 'Just send Titans against the Tau' thread like on Old Portent, I did have a curious thought cross my mind.

What would the logistics be involved in sending a Rapid Force to try and drop Extreminatus on ~8 Major Tau Septs?

I know 'in recent times' the feeling is that the Imperium can't afford to do *anything* offensive or they'll loose whatever those ships/troops should have been defending(as the Imperium, since the 13th Black Crusade is running very short on reserves now) and those caveats. However....

What would be 'needed' to break the Tau Empire? Could a single battlefleet do it? A properly deployed chapter's battleforce?(bearing in mind the Damocles Crusade marines were of only 5 companies, primarily strike cruiser mounted IIRC)

We know the Damocles Crusade forces couldn't do it, and the Tau were *weak* then(No 'proper' warships....), they now have large-ish decently sized and fighting fleets, and have recently underwent their 3rd Phase Expansion. So, what would do it, in all of your humble opinions?