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    Space Marine Tactica

    This thread is the NEW Space Marine strategy and army development thread. For those who do not know, this is where you can get army list critiques, help with some fluff if it is your own chapter, and over-all strategy!

    -Example: Tactical Squad, or Terminator Squad

    -Once we finish all the unit types (which will be awhile!) we can start on characters, and what wargear we take, and why the wargear selection you chose is so good (This doesn't mean you have to stop posting about this sort of thing, feel free to discuss any of this even if it isn't a weekly discussion, just don't expect it to have such a high concentration of people talking about it)

    -This is to help us all, and I don't think it has been done before

    I would like to state first I was a long time Space Wolf Player, tried a few other armies, then came back to my beloved Space Marines of the Imperium. I currently play the "Red Scorpions". No, they are not a homebrew. GW made this chapter all the way back in the Badab War, and I instantly fell in love when several dedicated players made an MSN group on the Campaign. Digging up, and compiling tons of information on all the present chapters that were engaged in the campaign. The Red Scorpions are the Adeptus Mechanicus's new equipment testers. They get the newest, and the best equipment the Mechanicus have to offer. That is why I am running 2 (and counting!) Techmarines

    Onto Space Marine goodies!

    (I will outline the Space Marine Force Organization Chart in due time)

    Models coming soon to the Emperor's finest:

    -Terminator Squad/ (April 6th I believe) They are so drool worthy...
    -Tactical Squad/ Meh, it is a tactical squad, don't hold your breath!
    -Assault Squad/ Very nice looking
    -Devistator Squad/ Can you say best legs ever people?
    -Marneus Calgar/ One of the coolest poses GW has ever done
    -Ultramarines Honour Guard/ More smurf for the smurf god! Very nice models, I especially like the helmets.
    -(I might have forgotten one or two, let me know!)

    and with that, may your dice rolls be 3+
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