Now its known to me that the Eldar were created by the Old Ones themselves, thus meaning that they were products of the Old Ones seeding the universe. However, what are the Eldar Gods? How could the Eldar beleive they were born from them when they 'knew' they were products of the Old Ones?

Were the Eldar Gods actually Old Ones or were the Eldar Gods manifestations of their psyche in the warp?

Also did the Old Ones know of the Eldar Gods and gladly allow the 'Gods' to fight with them against the C'Tan and the Necrons?

See this is the only bit that actually confuses me. Also where are the Eldar Gods? Did Slaanesh really destroy them all barring the pieces of Khaine and the Laughing God? So is Isha, the Phoinex King and Vaul and the others deaD? Eaten or destroyed by Slaanesh or the C'Tan themselves?

Also what of the Phoinex King? I mean who was he? As what to was his fate?

Such things I could not find in my second edition Eldar Codex and these questions plague me.

So in short: Who or What were the Eldar Gods?