That's right folks. Time for a serious thread.

It's near on 6 years since I started playing GW games again and I've not actually finished painting an army, except a Mordheim Warband. I have one partially finished army I can play with.

I have, in summary:
  • Crimson Fists: Around 2000 points painted. 500 or so unpainted.
  • Lizardmen: a few random units painted. 4500 points unpainted. D'oh!
  • Tyranids: A mega gigantor big box o' doom, 2 battleforces and a box of warriors. 3 warriors and 32 gaunts assembled (unpainted), everything else on the sprues.
  • Orks: I have soime orks. That is all.
  • Mordheim: 20 or so Middenheimers, all done.
So there you go. One army I can play with without feeling guilty, and it's Space Marines. The shame!

Here is where I change this.

As is obligatory, here is a picture of my desk:

Look at it there. All desky and stuff.

The first thing on the list is Lizardmen. I like Fantasy much more than 40K as a game, so I really want to finish this army off so I can play properly, in tournaments and whatnot. I recently decided on my Saurus Warrior colour scheme (thanks to everyone who gave their input for that)...

... which was the last stumbling block. While that thread was up and running, I painted some Skinks:

So work is actually starting.

My initial plan for the army is:

Converted Saurus Scar Veteran with Great Weapon (needs stripping before I can start on it)
Saurus Scar Veteran BSB (Undercoated)
Skink Priest (painted, needs rebasing)

13 Skinks with blowpipes (painted, but need retouching and rebasing)
10 Skinks with Javelins - see above (half done, all need basing)
3 Jungle Swarm bases (Painted and based, badly, will strip and rebase)
20 Saurus Warriors (undercoated)
20 Saurus Warriors (not even bought them yet)

3 Kroxigor (2 are painted and based, badly, will strip and rebase)
3 Terradons (2 finished, one needs painting)
20 Saurus with spears, and blessed mark of Tlazcotl (undercoated)

That's 2000 points. Hopefully, I'll take them to the 2007 Carnage Tournament. That gives me a little under 6 months, which is the first semester of the last year of my PhD.

I'm planning to do a few Saurus next. I may mix the end of my Crimsoin Fists and the beginnings of my Nids with this army to relieve the tedium of 60 Saurus Warriors. Watch this space...