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    FatD; Duty and Betrayal

    The Warp, Flag ship of Task Force Temarius 0200 ships time

    Hunter stared out the veiwing port at the swirling colors of the Empreian. The colors danced and swirled before his eyes almost hypnotically, it was even said to drive many mad, but Hunters mind was to preoccupied with other owrries to go mad at the time. It is even doubtfull he would even notice if the Geller Field failed and a Daemon appeared next to him.

    He was worried about Jacka and whether or not he would go to Carolon, or try some damned heroic stunt and go to Carolon. He was worried about the cost of lives that this campaign would cost. All the men here were veterans and damned fine soldiers, he hated wasting a single one of any of their lives on a fools errand. He knew that he and his command were being set up to fail and that grated on him in a bad way, he was helpless to do anything about it at the moment. Marshall Henri Kliest had given him a vague warning as he left, and it seemd to be coming tru, as did Inquisitor Vorians.

    Hunter lit another cigar by habit, not really realising what he was doing. He puffed away as he worried about his family and what would become of them. He had tried to send Faith to Carolon but that had led to a huge fight that could be heard over most of the Carolonian fortified camp. In the end she had won out, and the make up had been intense to say the least. He worried about his other wives should he fail, as well as his children. At least his twins were safe, in a matter of speaking, with Jacka.

    Hunter also worried about the officers in command of his troops. They were the future of the Imperium, but if he failed them then what would happen to them. Would they be tarnished by his failure? Would they be executed for association with him? And What about Pius?

    So deep was Hunters concentration that he didnt hear the footsteps aproaching until a soldier leaned on the rail net to him. " You are up very late General," Pius commented softly.

    "Got a lot on my mind," Hunter replied as he nodded to the reborn Saint.

    "I understand," Pius said and straightened up. "I will leave you alone if you wish."

    "Nah I could use an ear to chew on right now," Hunter said. "On Kaffing Prime we will be out numbered in men by at least 7-1, in armor by 4-1, and in the air by 3-1. Only in space will we have superiority. Now my troops are all veterans and will be able to give a damned good account of themselves. They will cut the odds by half with their experince at least. You bein' there will add to their morale, but we all know that we are bein' set up to fail." Hunter sighed and puffed on his cigar.

    "Well what do you intend to do about it?" Pius asked as he turned to face Hunter.

    Hunter faced him as well and grinned. "What else? Win."

    "How are you going to do that?" Pius asked suddenly intrigued. It was obvious that Hunter had a plan already.

    " By doin' the unexpected," Hunter puffed his cigar and turned and walked away, then turned his head and spoke over his shoulder to Pius. "If ya wanna know what that is then be in the War Room at 0700."

    Pius smiled at Hunter and nodded that he would be. He knew that if anyone could pull victory from the jaws of defeat it was Hunter. He was unorthodox and more than a little crude, but perhaps that was what was needed to fullfil His will. Pius still wasnt sure why he had been sent back now, but the Saint was sure that He had a plan, and from time to time he saw visions of His plan. Pius was also sure more and more of the time that these men here fit very specifically into His plan.
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