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Thread: Quiero ayuda en Espanol

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    Exclamation Quiero ayuda en Espanol

    I just hope this is really "I need help in Spanish". Anyway. I'll write in English as it's easier for me Basicly, I'm going to play a gnoblar army and only found the rules on tGW spanish site. I had classes in high school so I can translate most things, but not all. Here's the link (you'll need it if you want to help).

    First, if you could translate all the magic items names, please (most of them I translated to "rock"...gets boring after 5-6). And these are the items I couldn't translate at all (the description):

    EDIT: Oh, and the Gnoblars zangrientoz (go down) special ability. And just to be sure: does "Hostigadores" means skirmish or scout?

    Thanks to anyone who helps
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