Hello all.

I have finally decided to get a terrain log going - the objective is to produce all the terrain that may be needed in a game completed. These include:
City fight buildings,
River & Canal with a bridge or two,
Rocky outcrops,
Wooded areas,
Defensive walls,
Gun Turrets,
Tank Traps,
Terrain Objectives...and anything else I think of (any suggestions are welcome).

Some I have done, others are in the works while the rest I haven't even started. Hopefully feeling the need to update this thread will motivate me to keep going. I am incapable of staying to long on any one thing so I will skip from one item to another and back again. But they will be finished, oh yes they will. Probably.

One project I have finished is the Tank Traps so they will be the first to be shown on here:

Bigger version here
Close up of a couple of them:

Row of three here.

They are individually mounted on 2" diameter bases so they can be placed more easily on the board.

I really should of started this earlier this evening rather than leave it so late, nto a great start to a new thread cutting the first post short. Any questions, comments or suggestions will be very welcome.