Thanks to the lack of self-control of certain individuals, the original Warseer Blogsphere got closed by a mod. So here it is again. Please do not threadjack this one. If you see some content on a blog you don't agree with and want to address, please do so by PMing the blogger or leaving a comment on the blog through the blog's comment system. Please don't threadjack and ruin the thread for the rest of us.

Ok, now down to business. I noticed fracas and others don't have their blogs linked in the sig. I think linking your blog in the sig, while might seem like shameless promotion, will help increase readership. I assume that's what we all want, is some readership. If the blog is P&R or hobby related, it'll also help generate discussion on the boards since you might raise an issue on your blog people want to create a discussion topic on the boards about (in its own thread in the appropriate forum.)