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    Heavily Themed Eldar Army Log

    If any of you are familiar with Lego's Bionicle line, I'm making an Eldar army based on it. First up is Farseer Vakama:

    Based on this character.

    Here's three models, including Warlock Nuju:

    As a simple explanation, Bionicle villagers are called Matoran and come in six elemental variants. Fire (represented by Fire Dragons), Earth (Warp Spiders), Stone (Dire Avengers), Water (Howling Banshees), Air (Swooping Hawks), and Ice (Rangers). Each Eldar model conveys a certain trait of the Matoran they represent, from the hunchbacked Warp Spiders to the cloaked Rangers and female Howling Banshees (all water Matoran are female). Matoran are all identified by their colors and the masks they wear. Though the masks will be sculpted onto the Farseer and Warlocks, every other troop will wear a loincloth with their mask painted on it (as shown in the last picture).

    Now, what I need help with: I'm going to make an Exo-Toa from a Wraithlord. Should I use the new or old Eldar Wraithlord for this? I drew this quick picture on Photoshop to show how I'd modify a standard old Wraithlord to become an Exo-Toa (the big head is flipped and becomes the torso).

    Sorry about the lack of pictures at the moment - this weekend I'll get home and give you some actual painting to criticize.
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