Battle Report Pitched Battle 2000 pts High Elves vs. Orc’s and Goblins

Tried something different and put the battle in story format: Comments are welcome

Te-ador looked over what was left of his army. They had been victorious a few days, before in defeating the Dwarfs, but morale was low. They had lost almost a third of their troops. And worse of all they lost Helglen the Archmage of Saphrey, although Te-ador knew the Mage had nearly died several times before and would always reappear. Te-ador had a decision to make. In order to get his army back on schedule he would have to cross through a heavily patrolled Orc realm. He knew it would be risky, but he had orders to arrive at the Town of Grisok Morr in 3 weeks time. Fighting the Dwarfs had knocked his army off schedule and he needed to make up ground. He decided to cross the realm to gain it back. But would his men listen to him, there had been talk of other heroes leading the army. He ordered a small unit of Scouts and Silver Helms to the to the East of his position it was their job to draw the Orc’s and goblins in this area out and when they got close to retreat and rejoin the army. They followed his command and he was no longer worried about his troop’s loyalty. This should allow his army to cross the realm safely or so he hoped…

Grik Nok, the Orc big boss consulted with Spike the Orc shaman about the position of the High Elves Army. Spike had read stones and told Grik Nok an army would be approaching from the West. Grik Nok had confirmed this with a small unit of Wolf Riders spotting them. The riders had spotted the Small contingent of elves leaving the units and heading east. Grik Nok, bellowed a hollow laugh, De Elvesis thinkin they gonna out smart me. De is tying to lure us away and snik throgh our realmss. We will pretent to fall into der trap and spring one of R owns. Grik Nok quickly sent a large group of Boar Boyz towards the elf units and instructed them to Howl and make as much noise as possible. Grik Nok, smiled a large grin, and said “De elvesis gonna get a beatn now, Then Laughed and said everyone hide wes don’t be seen by dem delveisis”…

Te-ador watched hopping the Orc would take the bait of the Silver Helms and shadows warriors. Soon he heard Orcish Horns and War Cries, He was satisfied the Orc had now left and opening to sneak through. He ordered his men to move out quietly, as they moved into the realm. One of the hidden Goblin scouts thought this was the perfect time to punch another goblin, know that his comrade had to remain quiet, pretty soon all of the goblins in hiding starting doing it. Then one of them clubbed another on the head with his shield. The Echo could be heard for miles…

Te-ador yelled, they didn’t fall for it men. Prepare for battle…

Pitched Battle 2000 pts:

Don’t have Orc list so I will just put the things worth noting.

High Elves List:

Te-ador - Elf Prince. Blade of Darting Steel, Armour of Gods, Pure of Heart, Talisman of Protection – 215 pts.

Asarey – Mage, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Jewel of Dusk – 165 pts.

Ferelen – Commander, Heavy Armor, Shield, Elven Steed, Ithilmar barding, Lance, Lion Guard – 144 pts.

Galdren – Commander BSB, Heavy Armour, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix – 149 pts.

19 White Lions, Full command, Champion has Enchanted Shield, Lion Standard – 317 pts.

19 Spear Elves, Full Command – 239 pts.

5 Silver Helms, Shield, Heavy Armour, Full Command, - 150 pts.

7 Shadow Warriors, Champion – 119 pts.

15 Sword Masters, Full Command, Amulet of Purrifying Flame, - 260 pts

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.

10 Archers, Musician and Standard Bearer – 138 pts.


Grik Nok – Orc Big Boss, magic items(1+ armour save, 6+ wardsave)
Spike - Orc Shaman , Level 2, Item that allows same spell to be cast again.
Greenie - Goblin Shaman, Level 2, Bound Item with Edbut Spell.

35 Night Goblins, 1 Fanatic

42 Goblins, Hand Weapon and Shield

20 Orcs with Choppa’s, and spears
20 Orc’s with Choppa’s

20 Black Orc’s with Great Weapons

2 Wolf Rider Units, with Full Command, bows
2 Goblin Chariots (1 with 3 crew and 1 with 4 crew)
1 Rock Lobber
1 Doom Diver
2 Bolt Throwers


High Elf Perspective:

A Hill in the South West Corner in the High Elf Deployment Zone, and a Large Pile of Rocks in the North East corner of the Orc Deployment Zone.


High Elves:

Te-ador ordered his archers up on the hill, While he and the White Lions, along with the Spearmen led by Asarey and Swordmasters led by Galdren would form a line in front and to the left of the hill on the West Side of the battlefield. The Shadow Warriors and Silver Helms would form up on the east Side of the Battlefield, with the Shadows warriors in front of the Helms. Lastly, the Bolt Thrower would deploy off of the hill and Behind the 3 units of foot troops.


Stone Thrower and Doom diver in the North West Corner of the Battlefield. With 2 chariots next to them. Then the Night Goblins, with the Orc Unit directly behind. Next to the Night Goblins was the Goblin Unit, with The Black Orcs and the other Orc unit behind. Both Wizards, on their own behind the goblins. Then on the Northeast side of the table using the Rocks as a divider 1 Bolt Thrower, then both units of Wolf Riders and the Last Bolt Thrower.

To Battle:

As the army move forward Te-ador now saw the menacing war machines and the rest of the Orc army. He yelled, the Orc’s have set a trap, everyone prepare for battle. The Elven army formed a skirmish line and all the units move forward cautiously. The Shadow Warriors protecting the Silver Helms and Ferelen. Asarey attempted to cast several spells but the Orc shamans easily dispelled them. The Repeater Bolt Thrower fired a single bolt towards the Snotling Pump wagon. The bolt Impaled it, but the Gobin contraption just keep coming. The Archers fired arrows at the large Night Goblin unit and a few goblins fell.

Grik Nok snorted “Kill dem Elvesis”, One unit of wolf riders charged the Shadow warriors in front of the Silver Helms. The Shadows warriors opened fired and proved how deadly accurate they were killing 3 wolf riders causing the unit to panic and flee. The other unit of wolf riders moved to the flank of the silver helms.

All of Grik Nok units moved forward with the Night Goblins leading the way. The two Chariots moved up the flank towards the archers on the hill and the flank of Te-Ador and the White Lions. Both Shamans attempted to obliterate the Shadow Warriors, but Asarey narrowly dispelled their attempt. Greenie then pointed his stick at Galdren and a bolt of lighting shot directly into him, Galdren was hurt, but still alive. Both Bolt Throwers opened fire at the Swordmasters, but both bolts missed. The Rock Lobber was deadly accurate as a large rock landed in the middle of the White Lions crushing 5 warriors. Then the Doom Diver fired the little goblin was going to miss his target, but adjusted and landed in the White Lions, exploding and killing 4 more. Ta-edor’s pure heart kept the unit from panicking.

Ta-edor wished his eagle from the last battle had returned so he could draw out the Goblin Fanatics, but it was not to be. Instead he decided to back everyone up and let them come to him. He gave the hold and move back command to all his units, but the Shadow warriors and Silver Helms. Then he moved himself to the other side of the White Lions and moved the unit backward slightly, waiting for the chariots on his flank to make their move. Hopefully, this strategy would stop both of chariots from getting a flank charge. While the Shadow Warrior and Silverhelms moved toward the enemy bolt throwers, hampered by the Wolf Riders on their flank, finally the Archers moved off the hill and onto the flank of the Chariots. Asarey focused on his spell and suddenly, the Wolf Riders on the flank of the Silverhelms began to glow an iridescent color. Both shaman were helpless to do anything about it. The Repeater Bolt Thrower crew saw their target and opened fire with a volley and in a stunning display every bolt found its mark and all of the wolf riders were killed. The Archers opened fire on the Chariot in front of them, but its armor protected it.