After several different attempts at creating a viable fleet that possessed both mobility and immense firepower, I have arrived at this particular solution:

The fleet is split into two sections, although each group should act in tandem with the other and provide support:

The Assault Section - comprises a majority of the fleet acts as the fast-moving punch, it has

2 Devastation Cruisers w/ a Warmaster on one ship (as I am using the 13th Black Crusade fleet)
2 Slaughter Cruisers (codex)
5 Iconoclast destroyers

The Bombardment section is

3 Carnage class Cruisers

Now, the Bombardment section is just supposed to get broadside shots against the enemy and pound a hole in the enemy fleet for the assault section to wiggle themselves into. The Carnages - though powerful - are particularly weak against bombers and torps, so they will be staying as far away as possibe from any sources of ord.

As for the assault section - it has the very simplistic "crash and kill" mentality:

Use the Devastations to provide waves of cover and long range lances until the Ico.s and Slaughters can take over.

I've found that this combination seems - in theory - to work, yet I have also been debating the addition of several Idolator escorts at the cost of one of the Slaughters.

Any feedback on this particular fleet would be most beneficial.

Capt. Kingfisher