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    Exclamation Specialist & Forge World Games - Rumour Roundup

    Information from various PMs I got:

    Blood Bowl:
    • Fanatic planned to release new teams for all races in BB, each consisting of 16 totally different models.
    • Orcs, Dwarfs and Skaven were complete and ready for casting.

    • the Epic Chaos release in Feb '07 will only be the plastic sprue, the metal chaos models will not be released at the same time, and probably will not be seen 'for a long time' if ever...

    • the Warmaster Arabyans are set for release early 2007.
    • new army; background, look of it developed by the Fanatic studio
    • This includes work along the lines of "How does Chaos manifest so far from the north?", "What is a Djinn? Is it a daemon prince or greater daemon?"...
    • The Warmaster army includes the obvious infantry and cavalry, elephants, camel riders, flying carpets and Djinns.
    • All models are designed by Colin Grayson.

    Thanks to Reabe for the following picture and a link to the WIP WM Araby Army list.

    Warseer's " Warmaster Araby Army" Discussion can be found here.

    Another anonymous submission about Fanatic:
    [...] the changing of Fanatic Online to a monthly publication may be the first step towards it returning to a paper based publication?
    ^according to another source that's not likely to happen cause of the current state of the studio (really small number of people working there).
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