OK, I went and downloaded the "Space Hulk Bible". While I give whoever put that together and "A" for a good idea they get an "F" for editing. Man is that thing a mess. I have started putting it together into a word doc right now and are editing the crap out of it to make sure it reads nicely and that it includes the rules as written. We will also be including the additional rules for PA SMs, Eldar, etc as written in CJ/WD. In addition we will have an experimental part which will include those factions not included before. Which brings me to some questions we are running into working on it.

1. Weapons - Seeing as how this went out of print a long time ago a lot of the weapons out in 40k are not covered. Things like Multi-meltas, Hellguns, etc. I bought Codex:Wargear to get a list and a way to judge the weapons versus the standard Storm Bolter. The problem is the limitation of the SH system which has Storm Bolters only hitting Stealers on a "6" with 2D6, Bolters on a "6" on 1D6. So due to that mechanic even a Laspistol has the same chance of killing a Stealer ("6" on 1D6) that a Bolter does which does not seem right.

Now I am not advocating making Bolters or SB stronger. It would unbalance they game if they were. But I am considering just listing the other weapons which would share the same game stats. So Bolter, Lasgun, Hellgun, etc would all basically be the same. I would love to hear if anyone have has any other ideas?

2. Factions - In the experimental section we plan on including those factions/troops not covered in the original SH expansions or CJ/WD articles. We are doing this not as "Force X fights stealers" but as "Force X is involved in a boarding action against Force Y" type of scenario which SH can be used for.

For example a player can use Necron Warriors or Flayed Ones as the Non-control point force (Like genestealers) using blips against a control point force like Space Marines or Eldar etc.

At any rate we are talking about how many APs to asign to these races. We firmly believe that very few should be AP6 like a Stealer. We are thinking Kroot possibly but Tau FW and Necrons would be AP4 maximum. Since both Genestealers and Eldar have FoF and are the only ones with AP6 in the official published rules something similar would be needed to justify such a high AP. Once again I would love to hear any ideas you guys might have.

Just a FYI we are only including troops choices right now so no vehicles, dreads, crisis suits, or anything like that. It has to be something that would fit down a corridor on a ship.