Death Korps Of Krieg Project

Hi guys, hope all is well.

Well I've been putting this off for ages and what with all the bits and pieces I've been working on recently have finally decided to get an IG army done.
I'm starting off small to begin with as I'm a bit of a conversion nut and get easily distracted.
I'm going for a Death Korps of Krieg army because apart from being really nice models I'm a big fan of siege/trench warfare and these guys fit the bill imo.

Getting started.
First off I'm planning on the the following to get a basic force together.

HQ Command squad consisting of converted DK models.

Infantry platoon - Command squad and two Penal infantry squads

Stormtrooper squad (using the grenadiers doctrine so it counts as a troops choice and I can get away with not having a second financially expensive platoon).

Leman Russ

Demolisher/Basilisk/second Russ not sure which yet.

The Leman Russ "female"...

As I'm patiently awaiting the bits from Forge World for the infantry I turned my attention to the Russ. Using left over bits from an conversion and a new kit that I bought yesterday I have the following model so far.

I've gone the more traditional forty kay route and given the Russ a more first world war look by elongating the hull so that it can straddle trenches and adding female sponsons. This however doesn't mean that this tank has four heavy bolters. The idea is that the sponson targeting rules allow you to target pretty much down both sides so to represent this I've added rear firing HBs as well. The gunner just switches weapons to fire at any targets behind.
The turret commander is just a stand in for now as I'm planning on converting a DK tank Commander for the finished model once the bits have arrived.