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Thread: gods or higher level beings?

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    gods or higher level beings?

    hey guys,
    i just came out of a philosophy lecture so this might be a tad bit weird. We were looking at the distinctions between what we know to be a god (using christianity) and what we concieve to be a higher level being.

    Now gods are omnipotent, and omniscient. all knowing and all seeing and being everywhere at once through time and space and always existing.

    ok higher level beings are simply just beings that reside in other dimensions and occupie different parts of time to us and seem to us to have massive powers and the possibility of manifesting qualities like omnipotence and omnicience yet not truely having these qualities.

    now the real question here is what category do the chaos gods in 40k or even fantasy occupy????? are they gods and truely omnipotent and omnicient or are they just good at making us think they are gods, while just being creatures from a higher level of existence??????
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