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    Re: Ulthwe and the eye of terror

    Edit by t-tauri This is split from the Ulthwe and the eye of terror thread as it had gone off topic. This was the best post to start with

    10,000 years ago the Eldar rules a vast empire. They became decident though, their studies of the Warp got out of hand and they soon began falling to Chaos (without realising it). Now some few Eldar realised what was going on and boarded the Craft Worlds and left the planets behind. Those who remained on the planets continued their hedonistic ways, becoming more and more debased.

    Eventually it got to the stage where there was so much Eldar emotion built up in the warp that it all formed together into one entity, called Slaanesh, causing a massive shockwave of psychic energy to rush through the universe, clearing away most of the warp storms (allowing the Great Crusades to begin, but thats nothing to do with this story) and killing untold billions of Eldar all at once. Every one of the core Eldar worlds, including their homeworld was destroyed, or sucked into the warp.

    At this point the Eldar Gods rose up and fought Slaanesh, but all were defeated, except for two. Khaine, being an aspect of Khorne was equal to Slaanesh, and the two fought to a standstill. Eventually the stopped fighting. Khaine left the warp into his many Avatars, so that he may still aid his people, and Slaanesh went about his bussines of eating Eldar souls and other, less savoury things. All the while the Laughing God was standing behind Khaine laughing at the two of them fighting and the destruction of his race.

    Now, the few Eldar who survived the Fall who hadn't excaped on the Craft Worlds fled into their city within the Webway. Whenever an Eldar dies his soul enters to Warp, and is so bright and strong he is able to retain his individuality. The only problem now is that there is a God hunting for their souls.

    The Craftworld Eldar overcame this problem via the Spirit Stones, meaning the forever suffer a half life, half death. Not a nice way to spend eternity. The Dark Eldar on the other hand do not have this technology, or refuse to use it (more likely), so they bribe Slaanesh with the souls of other people. Obviously it takes a LOT of the dull souls of the lesser races (Orcs, Humans, Tyranids) to make Slaanesh forget about an Eldar soul, so they are constantly raiding for victims. A soul which is being tortured is a lot brighter in the warp (hope, fear, pain) than a normal soul, and so they torture them.

    There is speculation that there are many small "villages" within the webway which the Dark Eldar occupy, but the only one of any size is the Commargh (however its spelled, don't have my Codex on me, I'm still at work).

    The Harliquins are the keepers of Eldar Knowledge. They are the Guardians of the Black Library, which is the repositary of all the Eldars accumulated knowledge of the warp from before the Fall. It is also the resting place of the single map of the entire webway, although how accurate this is now, nobody knows.

    There you go, about 15,000 years of Eldar history.
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