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    sculpted chaos dragon

    part 1
    I have done many large projects, and have sculpted quite a few things. All this has led up to me attempting my most difficult and time comsuming project to date. Like any proper dork, this would be a dragon.

    my basic idea was to re-design the chaos dragon from the ground up, using every bit of background on them. the first caveat was no recognisable mark, but rather bits of his body that were "themed" to the various gods. (patches of nurgle sores, fierce horns, lithe limbs and jewelery, color spots with flame gouts, etc.)

    the basic design follows that rather then "split" the chaos dragon head into two, but rather give the apperance of two different dragons fused together. this is facilitated through a double backbone, the left side being vaguely aquatic, and the right side more traditional "western" dragon. the final model should be reminicent of spawn, heavily mutated, though stable.

    I use a two part epoxy putty (similar to green stuff) called magic sculpt. my preferance is two-fold, first its cheaper,(I pay 30$ for five POUNDS of the stuff) and second, it has no memory. cleans up better, and is ALOT harder when it dries. easier to drill, sand, and pin. ok, thats alot more reson then two. for the armiture, I use small gauge plastic rod, and good ole' pipe cleaners. I get a small candle and melt the fuzz off, be careful, and call the fire marshall before you do it. for larger bundles, stick a few into your dremel end, hold the other end with pliers, and turn on at low speed. also melt the fuzz off. heres a side shot of the main body.

    I made a quick skeleton for him out of wooden sticks, and put the clay over it. I wasnt sure if I would need it, so I made some guts. I knew there would be alot of holes later on, and didnt want to have to crack him open. on a whim, decided to give him a mouth where his stomach was. (watchin hellraiser while scupting

    part 2 comin' soon!
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