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Thread: PC-game Battlefield2 now a Miniature Tabletop?!

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    PC-game Battlefield2 now a Miniature Tabletop?!

    I just recently found out that coming next year's January there will be a Tabletop game in 28mm scale called BATTLEFIELD EVOLUTION.

    Based upon the today's and near future battlefields this game will include European Task Force, the USMC, the Middle Eastern Coaliation Forces, the People Libariation Army (China) and British Forces.

    All armies will be provided ALL vehicle, attack-helicopter and infantry choices which you know out of Battlefield2 (PC). They are all pre-painted and ready to be played out of the box.

    Starting January the realeses will go on every month of the new year.

    Developed is this game from the same guys who sell the Starship Troopers tabletop.

    I am a really big Battlefield2 fan so I'm considering to buy myself some of the minis (and if the rules don't suit me right - I always can grab my Imperial Guard 40k Codex and do some own).

    Have you heard of it too? Or do you even have more info on this topic?
    Please share it with us.

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