While only having three articles, Andy voiced that Specialist Game will remain in existance. That it is a way to keep the veteran gamers in the hobby and some even bring new players to the hobby. He also brought up that it feeds back into the core game, things like Titans and even the humble Leman Russ. Now the question becomes what does this actually mean to those of us who are Specialist Games players. It also seems that Andy is having to take care of Specialist Games as a side job as well.

Do we need to as suggested in an earlier thread, provide more content for Fanatic?

Fanatic Online Issue 85

Wow, itís already been a month since our last content drop of cool Specialist Games articles. Here we are with Fanatic Online Issue 85.

We kick things off this month with a fully revised and updated rules set for Adeptus Titanicus. Thanks to Michael Lovejoy creating this PDF. These rules were first published in early issues of Epic magazine, they changed quite dramatically in later issues as we received feedback and through our own playtesting experience. Michael went back through all the updates and put the changes into the source document that we have published today. Read it now.

Next, Nick Jakos presents us with a selection of Necromunda scenarios that all involve the capture or rescue of gang members. Read it now.

Finally for this issue we have an example for the Warmaster campaign competition we are currently running. In this campaign by Warmaster champion, Ken South, we delve back into Warhammer history and follow Azhag the Slaughtererís invasion into the Empire. Read it now.

I have to apologise to Inquisitor players for the absence of the competition results article. Unfortunately Iíve been at of the office for the majority of time this week due to being on numerous training courses (including the always inane time management course) this has Ė ironically Ė left me short on time and so Iíve had to delay the competition results which will be published at a later date.

People who are outside or new the hobby often ask me what the Specialist Games are actually for. Itís an interesting question, which does not have a simple or even one clear answer. The first and most obvious response is to say it is to make money. After all, we are a business and we have responsibilities to our shareholders. However, whilst it is nice if our games do make a profit, believe it or not, that is not main driver for having them.

One of the main Ė but not the only Ė reasons is to give veteran gamers a place to go once they have become experts in our core systems. All of our games present new challenges and different scales and aesthetics to give hobbyists a fresh perspective on our hobby. For instance Inquisitor is a very different game with a hole different set ethics and mindset to playing 40K in a tournament setting. There is no correct or Ďbestí way to game so having Inquisitor in our range is a tool to show people how broad our hobby can be.

Now after having said that Specialist Games are used primarily for veterans of the hobby Iím now going to contradict myself and say this isnít always the case. In fact in some countries, notably Germany, a few of the Specialist Games have been aimed at getting new blood into the hobby. Blood Bowl is a game where no previous experience with Citadel Miniatures or gaming is needed. This makes it very assessable to the traditional non-hobbyist. In fact the only game Iíve ever played against my wife was Blood Bowl. Although that didnít go according to plan but thereís no helping some people!

Still, despite all the answers Iíve just given I believe the most important reason we have a Specialist Games range is because of the depth it gives our gaming worlds. Warmaster allows us to say that battles in the Warhammer world can happen on a truly massive scale. Necromunda details what it is to live and survive in a truly dangerous industrialised nightmare that is a hive world in the 40,000 universe. Without Epic, Titans and even the humble Leman Russ tank might never have appeared in 40K. So not only do the Specialist Games take and expand on existing themes but they also feed back into the core systems as well. It is for this reason, and all of the above, that we have, and will continue to have the Specialist Games range.

For now,
Andy @ Fanatic