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Thread: Dark Realm Miniatures (future of 6mm)

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    Dark Realm Miniatures (future of 6mm)

    For those dissapointed and frustrated by the lack of new models and support for Epic A, Dark realm is a great up and coming game of 6mm wargaming with 3 great looking and unique armies.

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    Re: Dark Realm Miniatures (future of 6mm)

    good find, these look awesome
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    Re: Dark Realm Miniatures (future of 6mm)

    THe best option for epic necrons if you use the epic ruleset

    plus the kraytonians are sweet
    and the human special forces look kinda spartan like (as does the jeep)

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    Re: Dark Realm Miniatures (future of 6mm)

    Dark Realm Miniatures have released some superb miniatures, including an impressive array of terrain pieces, and will be continuing to release new ranges over the next couple of years. Get on their forums, and look out for the preview of the next alien race they're doing - extremely cool!
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