Right, I want to create some background and social structure for a hive world I'd like run in a future rpg and/or for writing a story.

The only things I'm set on is that it's a hive world, and that there are rebel groups of insurgents rising in each of the hives. The insurgents are not genestealer cults but some of them might have some minor chaos affiliations but nothing big. The cause of the uprisings are mostly due to the rule of a particularly tyrant like planetary governor.
Apart from that the social structure is pretty standard for the average hive world.
What I need are ideas and inspiration to make all the different factions on a hive world (nobility, arbites, adeptus mechanicus, administratum, ecclesiarchy, adeptus astra telepathica etc...) fit with each other and some ideas to set the world apart from other Hive worlds. Main industries, geography etc....