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    Talking Sheeps Laying a log


    The logs been open for a long time now, and it was suggested on page 100 that an index be added to the first post, with the tireless and thankless work of Incredisteve I can present that list to you.

    All kudos for this list goes to Incredisteve:

    Autumn Guard Concept
    Converted Lascannon Team
    with removable base
    Converted Sentinel
    Autumn Guard Sentinel Painted
    Scratch Built Leman Russ Exterminator
    Autumn Guard Exterminator PIP
    Autumn Guard Exterminator Painted
    2006 Bronze GD Isengard Troll
    Armored Basilisk conversion PIP
    Autumn Guard Armored Basilisk Painted
    Autumn Guard Autogun How-To
    Autumn Guard Veteran Painted
    Autumn Guard Shotgun Veterans Painted
    Converted Destroyer WIP1
    Converted Destroyer WIP2
    Converted Destroyer WIP3
    Autumn Guard Destroyer Painted
    Chaos Warhound PIP Shin 1
    Chaos Warhound PIP Shin 2
    Chaos Warhound PIP Eye
    Chaos Warhound Legs Painted
    Winterized Command Chimera PIP
    Converted Hydra WIP
    Winterized Command Chimera PIP2
    Chaos Warhound Painted
    Winterized Command Chimera PIP3
    Winterized Hydra PIP
    Winterized Baneblade Painted
    Baneblade Extra Armor Conversion
    Leman Russ Vanquisher Conversion
    Winter Concept DKoK Trooper Painted
    Winter DKoK Squad Painted
    Winter DKoK Panzerknacker Painted
    Tyranid Behemoth Winged Tyrant Painted
    Winterized Hellhammer Painted
    Berlin Brigade Vanquisher PIP1
    Berlin Brigade Vanquisher PIP2
    Berlin Brigade Vanquisher Painted
    Tank Commissar and GD Entries
    Commissar's Leman Russ Executioner Repatined
    Berlin Brigade Command Baneblade Painted
    Chaos Warhound Titan Finished
    Painted AoBR Imperial Fists
    Painted Nidzilla Army Detail Shots
    Autumn DKoK Concept Painted
    Autumn DKoK Tutorial
    Autumn DKoK Squad Painted
    Autumn DKoK Command Squad Painted
    Lego Armature Halftrack Conversion WIP
    Kas-Ork-In Kommando Painted
    Autumn DKoK 2nd Squad Painted
    DKoK Nebelwerfer/Mortar Conversion
    Autumn DKoK Nebelwerfer Painted
    Tyranid Scythed Heirodule Painted
    Tyranid (FW) Trygon Painted
    Autumn DKoK Grenadiers Painted
    Autumn DKoK Nebelwerfer Squad Painted
    Autumn DKoK Command HQ Painted
    Autumn DKoK Army Progress Shot 1
    Autumn Chimera PIP
    FW Nurgle Priest Painted
    Autumn Chimera Squad Pose
    Autumn Chimeras and Hellhounds Painted
    Autumn Sentinel Squad Painted
    Autumn Stormsword PIP
    Autumn Stormsword Painted
    Converted Gorgon WIP
    Mortian Heavy Tank WIP
    Mortian Heavy Tank Squad WIP
    Autumn Gorgon Painted
    Autumn DKoK Army Progress Shot 2
    Plastic Valkryrie Painted
    Autumn Valkyrie Painted
    Autumn Grenadier Valkyries
    Mortian Heavy Tanks Painted
    CoD Space Marine Statues Finished
    Space Hulk Terminators Painted
    Autumn DKoK Heavy Weapons
    Tyranid Plastic Trygon Painted
    Tyranid Plastic Ravenors Painted
    Tyranid Tervigon Conversion WIP
    Tyranid Tervigon Conversion Painted
    Autumn Punisher Vultures Painted
    converted AoBR Orks Painted


    Well guys, time to jump on the bandwagon.

    I present to you Sheeps project log – 1st Krast Sturmtruppen. An Imperial Guard drop troop army.

    This army really started months ago in my head when I read the trilogy Axis of time by Australian author John Birmingham. The short version is a modern day battle group gets sucked through a worm hole to 1942 and proceeds to change history. The inspiration for this army comes into being because of the description of Waffen SS airbourne units in the book.

    Heres the obligitory work sapce area, bit of a mess

    So what have I done, well heres an army list:

    · Drop troops
    · Carapace
    · Special weapons
    · Sharp shooters
    · Close Order Drill

    Heroic senior officer
    Bolt pistol
    Refractor field

    Plasma guns x2
    Melta x1
    Flamer x1
    Drop troops

    Anti-tank Squads x 2 squads
    3x lascannon
    Sharp Shooters
    Drop troops

    Special Weapons Teams x2 squads
    Flamer x2
    Demo Charge x1
    Drop Troops

    Hardened Veterans (10) w/shotguns x3 squads
    Plasma guns x2
    Melta x1
    Drop troops

    Infantry Platoon #1:
    Heavy bolter
    Plasma guns x2
    Drop troops

    Squad #1
    Vet sergeant
    Heavy bolter
    Plasma gun
    Drop Troops

    Squad #2
    Vet sergeant
    Heavy bolter
    Plasma gun
    Drop Troops

    Infantry Platoon #2:
    Auto cannon
    Plasma gun
    Drop troops

    Squad #1
    Vet sergeant
    Auto cannon
    Plasma gun
    Drop Troops

    Squad #2
    Vet sergeant
    Auto cannon
    Plasma gun
    Drop Troops

    Heavy Flamer

    Total: 1749 pts
    Total Models: 110

    Just received some Forge world goodness the other day, and as soon as I find my camera Pics will be forth coming.


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