NetEPIC 5, released as a beta!

The wait near an end....

After over two years of hard work NetEpic 5.0 is nearly complete! Available for download are the first Five books for the newest version of netepic! The Core rules - featuring a re-vamped layout and many tables to facilitate looking for needed information. The first four army books: Adeptus Astartes with all the chapter you know and love and some others besides! The Adeptus Mechanicus Amry Book - where the mightest of the imperial god machines - titans and there lesser brethren - knights make their apprearance.The Adeptus Ministorum - Sister of Battle rules for NetEpic! Last but not least the Adeptus Militaris books - Imperial guard with all units new and old! These books represent the "beta" version, with only minor editing to go, but we value your input, so read them, play with them and by all means, TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!!

They are available for download here:


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