As I read more and more of the material of Warhammer Fantasy, including the armybooks, sourcebooks, artbooks, novels and RPG materials I find myself with a few lingering questions regarding the various savage (and often chaos worshipping) groups of humanity. If some of you gents could enlighten me I would appreciate it.

Kurgan - According to the recently released art/background book Darkness Rising: A Complete History of the Storm of Chaos and the Abnett novel Riders of the Dead these guys comprise most of the chaos hordes marauders. What sort of people are they? What real-life racial group would they ascribe to? At first I thought they were scandinavian-esque until I learned there is a seperate group with that distinction already. Which leads me to....

Norse - Are all of these people devoted to Chaos, in Riders of the Dead they were certainly peachy with the Kurgan or at least a group of them were. Are there any subgroups that do not worship the chaos gods? I could really sea a strong Manaan (because of their seamanship) and Ulrik (for obvious reasons) following here. How do they differ from the Kurgan, physically? Are they a more or less technologically advanced society?

Huns - I know these guys are to the east, much like in real life. I assume from an appearence standpoint they appear much like their real-life counterparts. Do they actively worship chaos?

Are there any tribes I have missed if so please name them.