That is something I like about warzone in that the 'god of war' or at least the evil legion of war believed in mini-guns. To this day I can't figure out why Khrone doesn't really want his troopers using heavy weapons.

Warzone I found to be fighting an uphill battle for me every game. Then again I did play the space Japanese, and everyone else played either the space germens or the space zombies.

I found many of games being.

Bio: Hi Iím a bio-giant.
Samurai: Hi, I have 2 swords and a rife.
Bio: thatís nice *boot to the head*
Samurai: AHH!!!


Space German: *german, german, german*
Samurai 1: what is he saying?
Samurai 2: Don't know.
Space german: *german..German.* MP40 *german, german*
Samurai 1 & 2: O dear god the pain!!