This week more of the others, we are reading of the beautifulst armies, to come nearly abandons.
Time makes ago I have participated to a spectacular torneo (2 years), full of various armies.
Just with these political they will destroy all that.

But the problem of the decrease of the sales of determines you armies does not think that he is imputable to their same job?

If I am a lover of bmw (in our case hunters of demons or who for they) and the house manufacturer does not produce more pieces than reciprocation (in our case codex and/or miniature), is not normal that I will abandon their product?
Task that theirs manager we have one narrow vision.

Against example it is Warmachine where they make contest in order to invent new things for every army, and to always put them in argument. To make of petitions or to write mine/our disappointment on the forum who makes “tendency” could be a small beginning.

Excused for my English bad one but I am translate pure of haste. I ask also excuse if opening this argument smashed some rules.

P.S. But where they are the players of orki ç_ç?