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Thread: Hive Fleet Araaideth {Test Scheme} [Test mini - Hormagaunt]

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    Hive Fleet Araaideth {Test Scheme} [Test mini - Hormagaunt]

    So here is a Hormagaunt with the scheme I think I will use for my Hive Fleet.

    The carapace was basecoated with regal blue and the stripes have been made by (you guessed it) adding more white to the mix over layers.

    The fleshy bits were made by first applying a coat of liche purple and then just add some more white to the mix and highlight in layers.

    The Green bits (the Toxin sacs and the recesses) were mady by first painting all those areas in Dark Angles Green and then highlight those areas by mixing Dark Angles green with Sunburst yellow.

    Then on both the fleshy bits and the green bits I added some Gloss Varnish, and as we all know, glossy miniatures look better in reality!

    Comments are more then welcome!

    As you can see I forgot to remove the mouldings on his Scything Talons...

    This was just a test mini so he are not painted all to well and he are not based yet. The rest will look better, I promise!

    The Pics are a bit dark so you can't really see the eyes on the mini, but they are yellow!

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