This Friday I am going to start a new 40k army (DE are getting stale) Iím trying to decide between the Thousand Sons and the Emperorís Children. First Iíll summarize why I like or dislike them and then I have some questions about each and your answers would really help me decide.

Hereís what I like (+) and dislike (-) about each army:

Thousand Sons
+ Very different from Dark Eldar
+ Doesnít rely on the demonbomb like other legions do
+ Main opponent plays Death Guard and other friend might start Space Wolves
+ Good background, real reason to dislike the Emperor
- Will need Rhinos to get into range if Chosen of Ahriman are not widely accepted
- I hear they are pretty terrible rules-wise

Emperorís Children
+ Pink and Black
+ Good in combat and good in shooting (I think)
+ I could get about 1000 points for free (generous friend)
+ Fulgrim effectively killed the Ultramarineís Primarch
- the demonbomb style seems to be the most effective, and is too close to DE style (WWP)
- Their background isnít as good as the Thousand SonsÖ they basically just killed civilians instead of fighting a Loyalist Chapter during the HH.

Hereís some questions:

1) Which is more common?
2) Which relies less on rhinos/land raiders?
3) Can a non-demonbomb EC army be effective?
4) Are the Chosen of Ahriman accepted in most games?
5) Can a shooty, infantry-based EC army do well?

Thatís it. Iím really torn and hopefully your input will help me decide.