I received a Wave Serpent for Christmas, which made me happy, but I already own two. In addition, I have two Falcons, and another which may get turned into a Fire Prism.

I'm wondering if I'll ever really use three Wave Serpents. I could exchange the Wave Serpent for something else, possibly a box of Hawks or Scorpions, to flesh out my under-strength squads. Any thoughts?

My Eldar collection currently consists of:

1 Avatar
1 Farseer, 5 Warlocks
30 Dire Avengers w/ Exarchs
12 Guardians w/ platform
9 Storm Guardians
10 Scorpions w/ Exarch
6 Scorpions w/ Exarch
9 Banshees w/ Exarch
10 Warp Spiders w/ Exarch
5 Hawks w/ Exarch
6 Dragons w/ Exarch
6 Dragons w/ Exarch
1 Wraithlord
2 War Walkers
2 Wave Serpents
2 Falcons
3 Vypers