Okay, As I said in my Introduction thread, I'm completely new to WH40k. I basically know only what can be learned from the webcomic Turn Signals On a Land Raider, and some of the stuff from Wikipedia. So I know a fair bit of fluff, but aside from that, jack.

I'm very interested in getting into the game, but I really don't know much about the different armies and play styles, and every place I've gone on the web (including here, sorry) is not built idiot-friendly. I would just get a book on it, but all the books I see are VERY army specific. I am going to be obtaining a Battle for Macgragge starter kit soon, but I hear its VERY bare bones.

Now I'm not asking for a whole lot, but I am curious about the differences between the armies. I hear each army has its own "feel", both in fluff, style, strategy, and rules. Hopefully I'm not out of line asking for a description of these feels before I pick one :P