I was thinking that with the advent of the new empire releases, I'd finally get round to doing my pre-Vlad Sylvanian army. I've got WD 290 or 291 with the article about the colour scheme etc.

I was just wondering if anyone had any more thoughts about what to include to make it fit the background. I was thinking no handgunners but lots of crossbowmen, archers and militia as well as greatswords and inner circle knights to represent the Drakenhoff Templars and Guard.

However, I would like to include some form of artillery, so does anyone know the date that blackpowder was introduced to the empire and when cannons and the like would become available? I know it was used during the wars of the Vampire Counts after 2100ish but would it be available pre 1790ish?

Any help, advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!