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Thread: Getting started with Epic: Armageddon!

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    Getting started with Epic: Armageddon!

    Well, I finally have a huge project on my hands and the time and motivation to finish it. I'm putting together a rather sizeable Imperial Guard army and making an 8x4 feet table worth of terrain. What better place to share my progress than here?

    First, I suppose I should define my goals.
    1) Assemble the Imperial Guard army. Nearly there.
    2) Paint the Imperial Guard army.
    3) Paint the Legio Nemesis titans.
    4) Assemble the urban terrain. Nearly there.
    5) Paint the urban terrain.
    6) Prepare some hills and woodland.
    7) Prepare game objectives.

    I've done quite a bit of assembling, but I don't want to post pictures of stuff before it's done. Below, you can find a picture of my unpainted army (and some of my terrain underneath), and two different objectives. One is a downed Inquisitorial Valkyrie transport that has crash-landed and needs to be salvaged due to its top secret cargo (Squats! ), and the other is an Imperial Guard base of some sort.

    As you can see, one of the great things about Epic is that it's extremely easy to scratch-build very impressive looking buildings and even vehicles. It's very much like BFG in this regard. Finally all the bitz that have been lurking in my closet have a purpose! Some of them have been lying in a box for about seven or eight years, I think

    Anyway, whether you're a die-hard Epic fan or just a 40k fan who's considering joining the Specialist Games elites, stay tuned, and I'll share all my nasty secrets and glorious adventures. :chrome:
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