Hi. I've played 40k for a few years but never tried Fantasy. It looks more fun than 40k has become though and I love the models. With the new rules and new Orc book I thought I would give it a go. I swapped heaps of 40k stuff for about 4000 points of Orc bits. I'm really enjoying assembling the models but before I finalise my bits I wouldn't mind some advice. I love the fun side of the army so I'm not looking to be super competitive or anything. I've assembled about 1/2 the army. It's an all mobile mixed horde. Theme is most important when I design an army. No War Machines. No super maxed out characters. I'm aiming for 4k so I can use all the bits and have lots of options to play any size game. In general terms my army is:

Cheap Warboss, cheap Black Orc Warboss (40k conversions), Standard Bearer, Boss on boar, Black Orc Boss on boar, level 2 Shamans (Goblin, Night Goblin, Orc) with staff of stealin', baduum and mushrooms, 7 units of goblins (night and normal) average 30 models each, 6 fanatics, 7 units fast attack (wolf and spider) most 5 but a couple 10 strong, 6 units Orcs (various weapons) average 25 strong, small unit Black Orcs (conversions), some Snotlings, Squig Herd, a Troll (for looks only) and 2 Giants (The new kit is great - most fun I've ever had converting models).

Is there anything in general I could adjust to make the army stronger without changing the theme? It seems solid overall for a horde army with lots of choppy stuff, reasonable magic, plenty of fast stuff and heaps of FUN units! Having zero Fantasy experience I would appreciate any general advice though.