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    The next "Cityfight" I'd like to see is...

    ... Witchfight.

    This (optional) book would contain rules for a new psychic phase, a new psychic system, a large amount of both generic and faction-specific psychic powers as well as rules (which categories of abilities they can take, bonuses/drawbacks they might have and so on) and new points costs for the psykers themselves (and their re-hashed equipment). Expanded daemons and miscellanous alien psykers would also be included along with some new scenarios.

    It'd be 40K but with advanced psyker rules! Not more powerful psykers, just better rules and with a phase of their own. Psykers would likely end up more expensive since their ability to affect the battlefield in a more significant way than acting as fancy guns would be increased. The balance would all hinge on a good, solid psychic duel system. A bit like the way wizards cast spells in WHFB except, well, better!

    That's my wish for the day, anyhow.
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