Ok this is what happened:

-Me in tourny
-Me can win tourny but end up second cause of stupid GW
-Me hate GW

Well the tourny went well until i went in the finnals:
-Me(necron) against enemy(khorne).
-End turn 5: I own 1 table table quarters and my opponent 3 other ones.
-His last turn 2 weaponless dread engage in bloodrage/fire Frenzy but turns in blood rage so they assault each other in the last quarter *his only units in there and the only ones that could be there in this turn* they don't kill each other *str6* *Me: hahaha*.
-My last turn I get one immortal sqad in that quarter and I can get that immortal squad, a warrior squad and two destroyer squads to shoot the dreads but then apparently since the dreads are in CC I can't shoot em... AND THE JUDGE AGREES!!!
-End of game I in win VPs until we get quarters VPs (1 for me, 2 for him 1 contested).

But the worst part:
Him: I knew I'd win, my tactics were better you had no chance.

We need rules for shooting at thing like that, I lost 100 GW $s... Also the judge is a World Eater player...

I hate this!!!